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I have 2004 Saturn L300. The low coolant level light comes on when the temp reaches 3/8 of the gauge as the car it driven it reaches to half the gauge range, but does over heat.The coolant level isn't low. Is this a problem with the level sensor, water pump, or??? I've checked the temp between bottom hose and the top hose going into the radiator. When the car is first started the bottom hose gets hot then a few minutes later the top hose gets hot and the temperature between the two remains the same after that. Also opened the vaule at the bottom of radiator drained a small amount of coolant from the pressurized system. The level in the reservoir did drop, if i squeeze the bottom or top hose fluid does move around in the reservoir.

The gauges are analog I don't know what the actual operating temperature should be. The car was leaking a small about of coolant and a small amount of oil. For the past couple of months every week I've been driving back and forth to Miami which is about 200 miles. You could say the car is driven about 500 miles a week. Since I've been doing this the leaks seem to have stopped but now the low level coolant light is coming one. What else is the low level coolant sensor capable of monitoring?

It would be nice to properly diagnose the problem before taking it to a shop for repairs to prevent unnecessary work. Got any suggestions?

Thanks for you help
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