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Maintenance remainder reset?

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I guess pretty much everyone receives the monthly OnStar Vechicle diagnostic email. I have a question regarding the "odometer" under "Maintenance information (see attached pic for reference). Mine, since I got it (I got it demo with ~9000 km), shows me an yellow exclamation mark (meaning action suggested) and recommends performing semiannual service on the car. The car has had the very same maintenance performed just before I took delivery. Spoke to an OnStar advisor (spent like 20 mins waiting there) and was suggested I need to go to the dealer to have this thing 'reset'. So I asked the dealer the other day - they say "we have no idea what are you talking about - we are reseting only oil life monitoring system when performing mainenance and that's what we do on all vehicles we service" ???. Bummer!
Anyone had the same experience, or knowing what is this about?


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I believe all you are getting is a suggested maintentance based on your mileage. I get the same thing but never need required attention as the odometer doesn't fall on the right numbers when the diagnostic is done. I wouldn't worry.
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