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Have a 2009 Outlook XR with A/C issues. There is another issue (think it needs struts/shocks @ 67k) but this one is more important as it's summer. Before it quit completely you could here a noise coming from the center of the dash which makes me think it's low on the refrigerant. I assume Evap leak which means big $. I was going to try refilling to confirm a leak and not the blend doors and believe I know where to find the low pressure side port. I do however not know if there is a second port available for the rear a/c as it's not working either. I believe it has its own evaporator coil so that is why I'm asking. Any help would be appreciated.

Wife is ready to ditch this vehicle and really wants to lease a Durango. Not sure if I want to sink 1,500 to 2,000 into this thing at this point.
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