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Mirror turn signal indicators out

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07 Outlook XR

Driver side HID headlight flickers, but that aside I just noticed that my driver side turn signal strip thing a mado is out. Open the door and there is a small cover that reveals the two bolts that hold the mirror on. gonna pop that off in the morning and see what it gets me. Although I think that the wiring is accessed from behind the glass which means trying to pop out the glass without breaking it.. hmmmmm

Anyone mess with this? I know a lot of yall have a warranty still but..... ugh
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HAvent had a chance to mess with it yet but I am on the hunt. I got a print out from the dealer that kinda sorta explains how to push up and pull out on the mirror glass to remove it.

Truthfully im kinda terrified of snapping the glass as it is heated and self tiniting = a few hundred bucks to replace :(

Although if it breaks I might be game for the new version mirrors with the little "helper" mirror on them now.
Sorry, have not made any progress on this yet but with the advent of my parents installing a 2 bost lift in the garage I will be doing a bit of work once I have the time.

Replace Belt, mirror work, swap HID control modules to see if thats the issue,
check over bushings, maybe chop out res from the exhaust- starting to bulge at he seam, Trans fluid, PS Fluid, all the other fluids...

After poking around I tilted the mirror in all of the way and pressed on the connector for the mirror lights. they came on!!! the plug was loose adn I had to carfully aply superglue shile pressing the plug in and then hold untill it has dried. So far 3 months have gone by and the lights still function!!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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