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Mirror turn signal indicators out

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07 Outlook XR

Driver side HID headlight flickers, but that aside I just noticed that my driver side turn signal strip thing a mado is out. Open the door and there is a small cover that reveals the two bolts that hold the mirror on. gonna pop that off in the morning and see what it gets me. Although I think that the wiring is accessed from behind the glass which means trying to pop out the glass without breaking it.. hmmmmm

Anyone mess with this? I know a lot of yall have a warranty still but..... ugh
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Did you happen to get your blinker bulb replaced,, My wife took our 2008 in yesterday to have them fix the headlights for the recall,( I had already done it but wanted them to at least pay for the new bulbs) the dealer wanted $238 to change the side mirror bulb,, they tried to charge her $88 dollars for the diagnosis,, That didnt work,,

So Im wondering how to change out the bulb,, I cant see, to find anything on it, thanks
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