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Mix Goodyear and Cooper???

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I've never rotated my tires (Goodyear P255/65R18) on my 08 Outlook XR FWD that just hit 30,000 miles. Combination of being lazy, tire place telling me to keep the better tread on the non-drive wheels, and reading several reports that rotating may not be worth it in the long run - just replace two at a time and skip the rotation charges.

I'm about at the point where the fronts need to be replaced. They have worn evenly, just getting thin. The backs still look new.
It looks like Cooper offers a cheaper alternative to the Goodyear. Any issues with moving the rears to the front, and putting Coopers on the back?
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Whoever said don't rotate is wrong. Your tires will last longer and you'll make fewer trips to the tire store. I've never seen or heard of such a thing. Also, I think you may have issues in getting tire shopw to honor mileage warranties if your tires are worn unevenly due to lack of rotation.

That said, I've always heard replacing a pair at a time is fine, just don't replace one unless the other 3 are nearly new. I just had a flat on my Mazda3 and it wasn't repairable. I opted to replace all 4 since they were 75% gone and Discount Tire was willing to give me the mileage warranty credit on all four. I didn't like the idea of two nearly new and two nearly gone.
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