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Last November got 2007 Outlook with 30000 miles on it. Thought at the time it was a good buy, we liked the car as it handled nice and had nice amenitie. In July had to replace the air conditioner compressor. Then developed a whining noise in the steering system, dealer said the rack and pinion was leaking fluid, replaced rack and pinion, noise went away.

Last Friday transmission went out, had car towed to dealers. Service manager tried to drive car and confirmed transmission had a problem. Monday the tech started working on car and transmission WORKED. They new the had a problem and continued to work on it. Today got a call and was told that it stopped working for the tech. They are still trouble shooting, they are pretty sure it is an electrical problem.

As I had not bought a used vehicle in a long time I got the 10000 mile warranty. It covered the first two repairs, hope it covers the transmission (don't trust these type programs)

Once this problem is fixed the car gets one more chance, if it breaks down again, it is out of here. It will be my first and last GM.
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