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This is the third time since it has been purchased that the car has been towed into the dealership. The car started making a bell ringing noise and on the display there was a reduced power message. The car dropped down to about 20 miles an hour.

1st time Water pump leaking car overheated. Before recall notice.
2nd time coil packs and spark plug. Car miss firing.
3rd time car went to reduced power. Car would only drive 20 miles an hour.

The car is currently in the dealership for over a week while they try to find out what is wrong. So far they have replaced the catalytic converter that supposedly resolved one issue. My car has 82,000 miles which is over the 80,000/8 year warranty. Cost 700.00+ in repairs

The dealership ordered and is replacing the high pressure fuel pump. Warranty 5 years/100,00 miles. My car is a few months over the warranty it hit 5 years in the end of July. Cost 600+ repairs.

I called GM Customer Service trying to get some assistance with either a trade in allowance or meet me half way with the parts since I am very close to the warranty period. I have not been able to get a resolution. I can not get a response from their level 2 customer service representative. I have made numerous calls and she never bothers to return them.

Initially I was given a number from the level 2 service rep to call a "GM Representative" at the dealership who turned out to be the Dealership Service Department Manager, not a GM employee. He had not heard about my issue from GM. Finally after not hearing from her for a week I called GM Corporate. They were very helpfull until they transferred me to the same service rep I asked them not to send me to. I asked her what was the status she stated she is waiting on the dealership to call. She was very disrespectful at one point yelling at me. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She put me on hold and then told me he would call me in 48 hrs. I called back to corporate to file a complaint and was told the same thing...48 hrs and a supervisor will call you.

I have had the following issued repaired since I purchased the vehicle new.
Catalytic converter

High pressure fuel pump.

Water pump replaced

Head light assembly replaced

Coil packs and spark plug. 1st time Cost 300+

Coil packs and all spark plugs. 2nd time Cost 700+

License plate holder was screwed into the plastic pumper improperly by dealership and fell off. I have 5 holes in my front bumper.

Air Conditioner leak in condenser and replacement of assembly to allow air to enter cab. Cost 500+ to diagnose and fix switch and recharge. To fix the leak in the condensor 1700+ I have not replaced that component I just have the AC recharged when it goes low.

Pollution Control Evac solenoid-Have not replaced as of yet Dealer estimates Cost 500+

Power Steering- Serviced have complained for years about the loud groning noise when we turn the steering wheel . We were told while it was under warranty that the noise was cosmetic and we would have to pay 1000 to replace the hoses. Now I am told it probably should be replaced. Cost 1500+.

Fuel Cap replaced

Transmission-I have brought the car in three times for the transmission acting jerky or seems to slip. This is an intermittent issue. The dealership acknowledges that there is a problem with the Saturn Outlook transmissions and they have a high fail rate. I have confirmed this on the Saturn forums and my internet searches.

My father and grand father both worked and retired from GM. I bleed GM blue is hard to take the lack of effort of GM's Customer Service staff in helping in resolving this matter. My wife wants a Kia. With the level of service I have been receiving I might have to give in. My grandfather might roll over in his grave and my father stop talking to me...but fair is fair. If GM doesn't care about loyal customers it might be the time to stop being loyal. Maybe 30 years is enough. :angryfire:
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