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This could happen to any car make and/or model. As a former certified master tech you should know that. I have an 02 Tahoe that has ran fine since i bought it new in 02, literately no problems. My wife drives an 07 Outlook and it has been running good. just hit 10,000 miles since we bought in April of 07. Also, I can actually go back to 1989, when i bought my red hot convertible Iroc Z, car is still running. Gave it to my nephew, same engine and all... I will admit the tranny was rebuilt, but over 100,000 miles of some speedy driving since 89, it was a given. GM makes great vehicles, very competitive to imports these days. i live in America, i am buying American! Not to get anyone riled up and or offend anyone, I just do not understand people you hate American cars, i love the American classics, but that is my thing. I saw this the other day and just did not understand, An American flag being waved, but in a foreign automobile...???? Well, that is the great thing abut the US i guess, we have the freedom to do what we like, withing the law that is...

Sorry, did not mean to go on with this, but rcdice is right, definitely look into the lemon law. It is their to protect you... good luck and hope all goes well.
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