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Well this is a disturbing post. I, for one, appreciate hearing about experiences like this. However, it certainly doesn't do much to reinforce the decision I've made to spend $40k on this vehicle. Is there a Lemon Law in your state? Certainly sounds like it would qualify.

The vehicle I'm replacing with the Outlook is a Mitsubishi Montero Limited (full size). I purchased it new and it now has over 157k miles on it. Until recently the vehicle has had very few to no problems. Still 100% reliable just starting to show its mileage with little things. And burning oil which is not so little.

RE: GM, I really, really want to buy American with my next SUV purchase. I've looked at pretty much everything (domestic and otherwise) and decided on the Outlook. I feel good about that decision. However, if there is a big quality gap between a GM built product and their many competitors, it will be many, many years before I consider them again.

Good luck fireblade, check into that Lemon Law.
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