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Need some help with this decison please!!

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Hi everyone,
Joined this forum because I would really like some opinions on purchasing a Saturn Outlook. I have been researching and have found there are people who have had good luck and some that have had not so good luck with these vehicles. The Saturn we are thinking about purchasing is an "07" XR with 86,xxx miles on it. The power train warranty will expire Jan. of 2012, so there is not much warranty left. The car-fax is clean and I really like the vehicle- just have never purchased a vehicle with so many miles. I would love to get something with fewer miles, but this is in our price range and with 3 kids we need the roomier vehicle! Of course the dealer says this car was well maintained and was driven by an older couple who traveled so most of the miles are highway( but isn't that what every salesman wants you to think???) Sooo... what are your opinions on the higher mileage Outlooks??? Thanks for any help!
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Get the VIN # of that vehicle...
then go to the Acadia forum (the Traverse, Acadia,Enclave,Outlook) are cousins- and share platform.
and ask about your VIN being run... member GEOHAWK can run your VIN and tell you what has been done to this vehicle at the dealer.
You can then find out if any major work was done. (did it have leaky sunroof, etc etc)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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