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Need some help with this decison please!!

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Hi everyone,
Joined this forum because I would really like some opinions on purchasing a Saturn Outlook. I have been researching and have found there are people who have had good luck and some that have had not so good luck with these vehicles. The Saturn we are thinking about purchasing is an "07" XR with 86,xxx miles on it. The power train warranty will expire Jan. of 2012, so there is not much warranty left. The car-fax is clean and I really like the vehicle- just have never purchased a vehicle with so many miles. I would love to get something with fewer miles, but this is in our price range and with 3 kids we need the roomier vehicle! Of course the dealer says this car was well maintained and was driven by an older couple who traveled so most of the miles are highway( but isn't that what every salesman wants you to think???) Sooo... what are your opinions on the higher mileage Outlooks??? Thanks for any help!
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2007 was the first year and has more trouble than newer ones. Your odds for a trouble free vehicle go up when you move away from the introduction year. I'd look for a newer XE model, 2009 if you can swing it. Trade less equipment for resolved problems.

You didn't say what your budget is. I've seen 2010 XEs here in central Ohio in the $23K-$24K range. What do they want for that '07 XR?
If it were me, (heresy alert) I'd be looking at used Pilots, even if it meant more mileage. I'm just not confident in a 1st year Lambda, starting at that mileage. True Delta's data on the Oulook vs. the Pilot backs that up.

If all you need is space, a minivan is a better deal and more spacious. I understand that a lot of folks just don't want a van, though.

Another option is a new Mazda5. Those little things are awesome, fun to drive, versatile and better MPG than a SUV. Yeah, it's a van, but it's a different kind of van - good looking, spunky, fun to drive and affordable. Drive one before you dismiss it. Besides, now you're talking new, right around $20K.
I'm a bit sad that we may have talked you out of an Outlook, but I think that you'll be better off with something more reliable.

We had a Honda Odyssey that was mostly fantastic up until we traded it on the Outlook at 203K miles. Really impressed with it's reliability. If the Pilot had been roomier and had better tow ratings, we'd have one (and if we didn't need to tow, we'd have another Odyssey, or a Mazda5). The Lambdas are a great design, roomy for an SUV (but not compared to a van), decent mileage and good towing. The fact that the new Durango and Explorer are carbon copies of the Lambda layout is testimony that GM got the design right.

I read about the issues with the '07s and to a lesser extant, the '08s, so I knew I wanted an '09 or '10. I was pleased with the deal we got on our '10. So far so good, but she's just broken in. I'm crossing my fingers that she doesn't turn into a money pit as the miles rack up. I plan on having her another 9 years, which is about 180K miles!
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There are 3 '09 Outlooks on eBay now under $19K, 2 of them have 50K or less on the odometer.
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