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Hello everyone,

I just purchased our family's first Saturn vehicle (but we've had GM vehicles for years) in May 2013.

We are the proud owners of a midnight blue 2007 AWD XE.

I purchased it from a dealership in South Carolina, and it's a 1-owner vehicle that had 115K miles on it at the time of purchase.

After an alignment and a brand-new set of tires, it's been enjoyable to drive.

I don't have a bit of mechanical aptitude, but am fortunate to have two mechanic-in-laws!

I just dropped off the Outlook for an oil change and tire rotation at a local GM dealership I have oil changes done at, and it included a 27-point inspection.

The service writer said the car did well, but needs new brakes in the next 5,000-6,000 miles.

They did find a transmission fluid leak and an engine oil leak and also found the transmission fluid is contaminated/burnt.

I can definitely talk to one of my in-laws to ask about changing out the transmission fluid, but I'm not sure how concerned I need to be about the transmission fluid/engine oil leaks.

The writer indicated that he felt it could be a seal that needs to be replaced, a hose, etc.

Is this a pretty common issue at 120K?

I am averaging 20 MPG on the highway and about 15-17 in town, which I think is great for a big vehicle like this.

Thanks, everyone!

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the transmission fluid change... is easy.

see here-- for half change--- drive for a week- change again.

I suspect- your engine oil leak may be your timing chain COVER leaking.
This is a leak that is seen on this engine--- that is-- people have reported it on this, acadia, enclave, traverse forum.

The bad news is--- that to fix the timing chain cover leak--- requires the engine to be dropped.
That is the entire engine/transmission/front end suspension is lowered from the front of the car....
If the leak- is small-- I would leave it alone.

If its a major leak-- then well- I guess youd have to have it fixed.
But I would wait--- until its absolutely necessary.. and at that point--- do the following.
Spark plugs, coils, water pump, struts, brakes pads, brake fluid, coolant swap, idler pulley, Alternator, coolant hoses
ALot of the stuff above is stuff youd want to do in this mileage range.
and if the engine is pulled-- then all this stuff is much easier to do once the engine is pulled.
You could probably get a deal- on alot of this stuff-- and just pay for the parts-- because- alot of this stuff HAS to be removed when the engine is dropped..

Example--- coolant- most of it will be removed to remove engine- the hoses are easy to get to... swap em out.
Struts--- the engine drop requires all that to be removed... may as well change em.

Let us know if it is the cover.
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