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Hey guys, just wanted to take a minute to first thank you all. My fiance and myself were in the market for an Outlook, Acadia or Enclave. I jumped on a bunch of different forums, including this one, to research all three and am very impressed with the knowledge you guys put on the site about these trucks. I learned an extraordinary amount about these trucks in just the 1st 10 minutes I spent on the site. After researching here and looking at a ton of different trucks over a 2 month span, we finally bought an 09 Outlook XE FWD. It was ordered with Heated Leather, 7 pass seating, rear back up cam/back up sensors, tow package and a sun roof. It has 77k miles on it and has had the recalls and timing chains done. I ended up getting it for 15k which I think is fair. Reading the info on here really helped me rule out a TON of trucks that I looked at, the most common thing being leaking water pumps. I couldn't believe how many trucks I looked at were leaking. I'm pretty comfortable knowing that I still have a little powertrain warranty left but would definately be interested in buying an extended if it's even an option. Thanks again for all the input! :cheers:
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