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Hi All,

I came across this community in the process of researching the reliability of the 07 Outlook. I am looking at one locally that has 108K miles on it. I've pulled the Carfax and looks like it was regularly serviced at a local dealer. Highlights of service history:

At 29K miles: Recommended maintenance performed, Sunroof drain hoses serviced, Transmission computer/module reprogrammed
At 37K miles: Recommended maintenance performed, Water pump replaced

After reading through this forum, I am having second thoughts. It appears that nearly all of these models have either transmission or timing belt problems. Is there any way to diagnose a potential tranny or timing belt problem with a mechanic before my purchase? Has anyone gone ahead and replaced the suspect wave plate and timing belts as preventative measures? OR should I just walk away?

Any insight is appreciated.

Thank you!

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(traverse, acadia, enclave, outlook--- are practically indentical underneath the body).

there is a mechanic on the Acadia forum- who is a MASTER tech- has his own shop- and does work for dealers.
He repairs these trannys all the time- yes- for wave plate on the early models.

He recommends- that if you have one of these early models... to take it in- and have them split the trans apart (IN the engine bay) and replace the wave plate.
He says his shop will do this for $700. or maybe it was $500.... (assuming the plate has not broken yet).

One it has begun to break-- the repair REQUIRES the trans to be removed from the engine bay--- which most likely means dropping the engine/trans/front suspension as a whole--- because now the trans has to thorougly be taken apart and cleaned of debris.

once this happens the repair can be $3000-$5000 depending on the shops. Some will repair- others will just put in a remanufactured unit.

So-- he says- $700 vs up to $5000.... $700 sounds much better.

The timing chain...well to do that properly-- requires the engine to also be dropped.
Some had have the chain replaced with the engine still in the bay--- but its REALLLLLY tight.
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