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Offering four sets of pads for the Saturn Outlook. Free shipping to members,

$15 for a 10 piece center console set
$35 for a 28 or 31 piece dash, console, doors, and 3rd row set
$3 for a pad in front of the instrument cluster (sold separate because not everyone will see a need for this pad)
$25 for a 5 piece hidden cargo bin set

Free shipping to members buying direct. On the 28/31 piece pad set, I need to know whether you have the bench seats or captain's chairs in the second row. Please contact me at [email protected] for payment details. Paypal preferred, but personal checks or money orders is accepted.

For pictures of the pads, click on this link.

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kgriner, unfortunately, padsplus hasn't been back to our forums in over 2 years, so I'm not sure he still makes these. Too bad, too, because I bought a full set from him for our Acadia and they are fantastic. I -think- he still has an ebay store, though, so you may try looking him up on there and see if he still makes them for the Lambdas.
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