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Here are the specs for this one.
Initial oil change at about 1657 miles (remove factory oil)
Refilled with Valvoline 5W-30 Conventional oil (dino). Used AC DELCO filter.
Drove for 5154 miles.
OLM indicated 50% oil life left.

I drained oil- and goofed-- didnt have the oil sample container nearby- and ran to get it-- when I returned- oil was done draining. I had to get the oil sample from the dirty drain pan.
I let them know when I sent in my sample.
TBN is 2. Oil still has life left.
No fuel in oil-
They recommend I try 6000 miles next time--- as I requested and extended oil life use analysis.
Im tempted to try 35 -40% OLM.

My driving consists of city and highway every day- with Highway being mostly Los Angeles type rush hour driving.
But I do drive to maximize MPG. And consistantly get 18-19 MPG combined.


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I'm still trying to figure out all those #'s, what's good/bad, I think I'm learning and the more I look at them the better I think I'll be able to read mine when I get itback. I got the test kit the other day, I have 1K more to go on the oil, that will get me to 5K, M1-5W30 w/M1-113 filter. I'm curious 8).
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