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I just did my first oil change on my 2008 Outlook. Here are a few observations that might be helpful to others:

- The oil pan drain bolt is 15mm. Unfortunately there is a brace close behind it, so I could not get a socket in there. If you have a very short socket it might fit, by mine wouldn't. I ended up using a box wrench. Also, beware that the brace behind the drain bolt may have sharp edges. I cut my finger on it - be careful.

- The oil filter must be accessed from the top and lifted out. If you look closely below it, there is a little plastic tray intended to catch the oil that drips out of the filter and direct it off of the frame. Unfortunately that didn't work for me. When I loosened the filter, the oil drained down the passenger side of the metal brace that is attached to the front of the oil pan. Maybe if I had loosened the filter more then it would have dripped into the tray, I don't know. Just be beware that the oil might not drain out where you expect, put down some extra newspapers just in case.

- Walmart currently has 5qt Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic for $20. This is a decent price for a well-regarded oil.
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