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To say I am at the end of the tunnel with no light in sight is an understatement. My vehicle continues to leak oil from the Front Cover and will not stop! The oil leak has been addressed at least 6 times over the 6 years I have had the vehicle. My problem now is that I have no power train warranty and my GMPP warranty expired in May. Luckily the oil leak happened again in May before my GMPP warranty expired and the dealership dropped the power train to try and reseal the front cover again. All was good for about 4 months and the oil leak started again. I took it back to the dealer 3 weeks ago and they advised me that the front cover is leaking around the screws that hold it in place. They asked me if I was interested in trading the vehicle in? NO, so they put together some history and submitted it to GM for a possible engine replacement. GM came back with about $3500 towards a new engine; the dealer thought it would have been more, leaving me with quite a bit out of pocket for a problem that looks like it can’t be fixed and seems as if there is a defect with the block.

This morning guess what? I dropped it off at the dealer again for the oil leak that started just two weeks after they tried to fix it, for the 8th time! So far it has not cost me anything out of pocket just a lot of time back and forth to the dealer and frustration. I get the impression after being told they are “frustrated with the problem as well”, that the dealer is stuck trying to fix a problem that appears to be unfixable which is costing them money which will eventually lead to me!

Has anybody had an issue like this, how was it resolved?

Thank you
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