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Yes - I watched the story a month or so ago when it was broadcasted on tv. I checked both my cars at the time - older VW Passat with tires I had replaced an year or so ago, and a new(er) passat which still has the original tires on, both have the manufacture date number. However - later - when I was buying my Outlook, I noticed the window where of manufacture date is supposed to be embossed is blank. I checked every single car on display in the dealership - they all were like that! Later I checked on the inside of the tire as they suggested on that video and found the manufacture date there. I guess it is mandatory to be embossed on the tires (per law), but apparently North American tire manufactureres are still trying to hide it as much as possible!
To my surprise the inside of the tire looks different than outside, certainly the tire has back and front side. At least the Goodyear RS-A's that came on my Outlook.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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