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Solutions for troubleshooting:
1. Low Frequency Vibration/Humming from the rear (wheel-bearing?)
2.Dull, popping/thudding when steering (top of strut/steering gear box/c.v. axle?)

I am needing to prioritize time and resources for our only vehicle which is getting the creaks and groans of its age.

Our 2007 Saturn Outlook is currently at 202,220 miles. The first-owners took good care of the first 98,000 from 07'-15'. They lived on dirt roads, so there was still a higher rate of wear and tear, but no rust. The only major repairs the first owners followed through with was a New/Rebuilt Jasper transmission at 80,000 miles, timing chain at 50,000 miles and O2 sensors at 30,000 miles.

While the first owners averaged 11,000 miles a year, we've averaged 27,000 miles a year, while keeping up with every bit of recommended maintenance, inspections, and repairs.

My goal is to get 20,000 miles / 9 months out of this vehicle as our only/primary transportation for our commute and travel. I am only armed with an apartment parking lot and an electrical repairs and full socket set. This is where it gets tricky and I have limited time and resources. Any thoughts or trouble-shooting questions are welcomed. I'm trying to find a correlation to narrow down my search, but I'm aware that I may just have many parts aging out at once.
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