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Ordered our Outlook today!

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FWD XR Cocoa
Conv. Pkg, Enh Conv. Pkg, Trailering Pkg, Captains Chairs in 2nd row, Adv Audio, Cross Bars for the roof Rack, and DVD Headrests for the 2nd row!

Can't freaking wait.

They're telling me 10 weeks, but I'm hoping for 8 now that LDT has added a 3rd shift
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Congrats! Hey, how much did they charge you to add the DVD Headrests?
Is that for the GM Accessory ones made by Invision or for some other aftermarket ones? The Invision system lists as a $2095 GM accessory option, and the lowest I have heard anybody getting it for is $1595. There are other aftermarket ones that dealers will have installed for less however, so just curious which one you are getting. Thanks again!
Wow, if that is the case they are giving you a really good deal. Check on that for sure, because I have heard several dealers putting in aftermarket ones that are not the Invision ones featured in the GM Accessory catalog. If it is truely the Invision GENIII, then you will be able to watch two seperate DVD's, or the same one, as well as play games. The cheaper aftermarket ones run $1295, but the Invision is supposed to list for $2095. Why would anybody get the current fold down screen for $1295 if they could get double the screens and capabilities for the same price? That's what makes me think it is odd that they can sell you the Invision at that price. Also, if it is the Invision, it counts as a dealer installed accessory, and you should be able to use your GMS discount since it will be rolled into the price of the Outlook.
mama2girls said:
OK - I am going to jump in here from the Acadia side (sorry!) but I am trying to work thru this one myself. This is what I want - for my kids to be able to watch a movie on their headsets and I can listen to whatever else I want whether it is a CD or MP3 or whatever.

BUT, sometimes I want to listen to the movie they are watching - my kids enjoy musicals like "Annie" and it can be quite catchy on a road trip!!!

PLUS, I am concerned about the view to the rear with the factory fold down unit so headrest units are tempting.

ALSO, concerned that aftermarket (inivision or another) would not be integrated sound.

SO, which factory or aftermarket system is best for me?
Well, I am having the GM Accessory Invision GENIII system installed in our 2008 XR AWD when it arrives. The fold down screen really blocks my vision in the rearview mirror, but some say it doesn't affect them much. Go test drive one with it down and see if it bothers you. I am 6'2", so it seems the taller you are, the more in your line of site it is going to be. My friend (also 6'2") and his wife (5'5") say the same thing about their 2007 Outlook, and wished they had the headrest screens. We have a boy and soon a girl, and they will want to watch different things. So the Invision system gives you the ability to watch two seperate DVD programs, or the same one if you wish. Also, with the second row captain's chairs, our son was no where near being able to reach the headrest screen, so that should not be a problem. The Invision system also comes with two pairs of wireless headsets, so the kids can listen to the DVD, and you can listen to the Outlooks audio system at the same time, without having to listen to whatever DVD or game the kids are listening to at the time. But, if you want, I was told that you can also listen to it throught the car's audio system as well. Oh yeah, the GENIII system also lets you plug games right into the front of the screen, whereas I am not sure you can do that with the fold down screen. So those are some of the pros and cons, for us the choice was clear, the headrest screens, but for others, the fold down is the option they opt for ;) Good luck whatever you decide.
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That's great, is that for the GENIII? If so, I would really like to hear the details so I can bargin mine down, as I already got them down from $2095 list price down to $1595. If they can do the two screen for the same price as the one screen, why would anyone ever buy the single screen?
Sorry, didn't mean to make you nervous, but there are differences in the Invisions, and only the REVIII's let you play seperate movies and games, which is why I have been skeptical of them getting you the REVIII at that price. I hope you got a really great deal though! Oh, here is the link to the differences in the Invisions, so you can get informed and ask your dealer which one he is getting you:

Post some pics when it arrives, and thanks again!
Hey that is great news, I will have to call and try to change my order from the REVIII to the REVII. I certainly won't be needing to try and pick up TV stations, and the REVII then is about 300 buck cheaper. Thanks for the info!
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