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Ordered our Outlook today!

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FWD XR Cocoa
Conv. Pkg, Enh Conv. Pkg, Trailering Pkg, Captains Chairs in 2nd row, Adv Audio, Cross Bars for the roof Rack, and DVD Headrests for the 2nd row!

Can't freaking wait.

They're telling me 10 weeks, but I'm hoping for 8 now that LDT has added a 3rd shift
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Our Outlook sorta found us and we did not have to wait. It was "hiding" in back and had not yet been through the pre-delivery inspection.
We purchased it during the last week of April and have over 6100 happy and satisfied miles.

The factory system allows you to listen to what you want (except CD in the NAV setup) while a DVD is being watched in the back. Or you can listen to the DVD along with the kids. My daughter (4 yrs) listens either through the wireless headsets or through the stereo in 5.1 audio. The sound is great and because the subwoofer is up front, the rear passengers aren't "assaulted" by the low sounds.

The rear screen is in the 16 x 9 format so it doesn't really intrude on rear visibility. After a while, you do not notice it is in the "way".

I prefer the fold away overhead unit because it folds away. Little fingers and feet tend to find their way to screens especially if they are conveniently located at their level. A centralized location overhead allows all to see and reduces the chances that the screen will be poked or soiled.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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