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Outlook 08 Transmission issue

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This is just an FYI, problem is fixed now but want to help others before they take it in or damage there transmissions.
Bought my car and within 2 weeks on the first 3 hour drive it would just shift into Neutral, I'd pull over- it would be rattling running, just like it wanted to die. When I shut it off then restart it , it ran fine.. Then after about 15 miles it would do it again. over large hills it would say Transmissions Hot. We got it into the dealer and they tried a few tests and came up with nothing, thought it was a faulty sensor. Well after the 3rd visit, they removed a half gallon of fluid, never happened again. The dealership we purchased it from had over filled the transmission fluid and so it was heating and boiling up to the cap- and setting off a sensor which was shutting my car down!
So I did learn something, you only check transmission fluid when the car is running and warm..? Yes some of you may say duh but I didn't know that!
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If I am not mistaken, the transmission dipstick should have a hot and cold indicator level on it?
According to the manual you should drive the car approx. 15 miles and let it idle for about 10 minutes. Turn the car off and allow it to cool slightly (About 15-20) minutes remove dipstick and test. It says something about "In some cases the fluid can become pressurized" so be careful!

I had to preform that test a few times when I thought the transmission was going but it ended up being a completely un-related problem.
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