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I purchased an '07 Acadia. I put 49,000 on it with no complaints. A few warranty issues that were resolved quickly. I loved this car. We then purchased another car for daily driving and were not going to put as many miles on the Acadia, so I thought, what kind of deals could I get on a new one. To make the story short, I once went through an extensive decision making process, between the various versions of the platform and wound up with an '09 XR Outlook. The saturn is a much better vehicle. This may be the difference between '07 and '09, but I think it is more. Even the driver who delivered it, I did not purchase local, told me I would enjoy the ride and handling of the Saturn much more, and he was right. EVERYTHING IS AN IMPROVEMENT. It rides nicer, Radio is a hundred times better, both base model radios, and it is more comfortable to ride in than my ACADIA. One of the big descision makers is the interior color. If you want black (ebony) it has to be the Acadia. This was a major need as I had small kids. This time we chose the Beige interior that led me to the Outlook. Overall I get more for my money. The Acadia similarly equipt is about 1500-2500 more. Also Saturn offers a 3-36 warranty against stains to the interior, so even with the lighter interior, I am covered. As I drove the Acadia for two years, and loved it, and have had the Outlook for about a week, I can't say anything about mecanical issues or anything else in that area. But just comparing the ride, fit, finish, sound and comfort things etc. . I prefer the Outlook
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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