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P0300,P0302,P0304,P0306 and a flashing CEL. *UPDATE* new code, old ones fixed

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I got them today, runs like crap and would'nt go over 20mph, it's starting to make me mad :banghead:
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Re: P0300,P0302,P0304,P0306 and a flashing CEL

hmmm, the 300 is ramdom misfire.
and the 302, 304, 306 are the even cylinders... wonder if its a loose connector...
Re: P0300,P0302,P0304,P0306 and a flashing CEL

yeah with those scanners. or like my laptop software---
when a code is set- you can generate a 'report' that you can print...
in the report will be the data the computer saved when the CEL came on..
stuff like Engine temp and other parameters.. kind of neat..
Almost like a data dump- at the time of the incident.
well, at least you know they replaced it...
6Sixathome said:
Got her back, they replaced the cat in the front, looks like a real treat to get to if I say so myself.
Im pretty sure- most lambda owners have no idea- theres 3 catalytic converters on the Lambdas. (at least on the 2010's and up- DI).
Heres the one Six is referring to-
its right below the area that your oil dipstick is---- between the engine and cooling fans.
this is looking from the bottom of the car- up towards the hood.

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where are the other 2? good question-- I have answers.

under the vehicle and between the engine- and the firewall.

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yeah- you and I think alike- thats what I thought too when I saw it while looking at the underside. But the muffler and resonator are still further back and this thing is welded like a Cat.
shown below- they list the Converter LEFT (SHOWN as #1), Converter right(not shown in this diagram) and Catalytic converter as #6.
Which shows a hanger- if you look at my image- on the right side of the converter you can see a welded hanger...

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in the pic its 'backwards'
look at the tail end of it-- look at the rear tire- and look a little up-- you can see the hanger welded to the bottom portion of the pipe....
I stared at my pics for a while till I saw the hanger-- and also the way one pipe is higher on one side and lower on the other-- it matches the drawing.
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