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Has anyone experienced the passenger airbag switch turning off on its own even when the seat is occupied and you are driving down road? This has happened 5 times in the last 200 miles in my XR. I can reset if I pull to side of road and turn off and restart car with no other changes. If I stop the car and my wife gets out and gets back in and rebuckles, it will reset itself as well. It is scary when it happens as there is no warning or reason for it to do this.

I am waiting for Tuesday am to get here so I can schedule the XR in for an exam by the dealer. I now have 515 miles on the odometer. :confused:

Got the car in on Thursday and guess what? The shop manager tested the seat and low and behold it malfunctioned just as reported. They kept the XR and gave me a rental and told me they would have it ready in a couple of days. :blob:

06/02/07 Got the car back today and the problem has apparently been solved. The shop manager told me that they had to reposition the sensors (4) in the passenger seat to register correctly. They tested it out with their cashier who was about the same size and weight as my spouse. After the repositioning they were unable to make the seat fail once. Guess that should be proof of the pudding. Thanks to Rivergate Saturn for their novel approach in keep their customers happy.


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Are you saying that passenger airbag sensor is on then turns off while you are driving or that the sensor remains
off even though someone is in the passenger seat? If it is the latter, then there are a couple of things that can
cause this. If the passenger is not sitting fully centered on the seat, or is using a cushion, then that can sometimes
cause the sensor to think there isn't an adult sitting in the seat. Another reason would be the adult sitting in the
passenger seat is right around the cutoff weight of roughly 100 pounds. The reasoning for this is that when a child
or very small adult is sitting in the passenger seat, the passenger airbag system is supposed to be disabled to prevent
the airbag inflation causing further injury to a small person.

If the sensor is starting off on and turns itself off after you start driving, assuming the passenger is not taking his/her weight off the seat, then I would say that a problem exists and you shoud take your vehicle in to have this checked out.
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