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Hi there....I recently installed a NAV upgrade in my Outlook, managed to get the VSS wire routed, and get the unit programmed. Sadly, my dealer was unable to get the volume to an acceptable level after he programmed it. It's pretty quiet (oddly, it was *really* loud before he programmed it). I'm pretty sure it's because I have the Base Audio package, which means no amplifier. I'm guessing the programming is expecting that any Outlook with a NAV had an amp. I'd like to order the factory amp from but I need to see if I'm "pre-wired' for it.

From what I've gathered, it looks like it mounts to the other side of the BCM. Could someone post a picture of it mounted and a closeup of the connectors going into it? I see some cables that are tied off and not connected down there, but I'd like to be sure that I'm looking at the right ones.

My Outlook is a 2008 XR AWD. Thanks!

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