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Hey Guys

Im new here. Ive used the search function and gone through every page of your forums looking for anyone who has the same problem as me, and I couldnt find it, so I am hoping someone else can point me in the right direction.

2009 Saturn Outlook XR AWD 3.6L 98k miles. About 1000 miles ago I was getting a cylinder 5 misfire, so I replaced all of the Spark Plugs and Coil Packs and everything in that area. Car went back to running great. About 2 days ago, I was coming out of a red light and all of the sudden the engine got loud like I had an exhaust leak and it had no power. I could not rev over 4000 RPM and couldnt get moving faster than 40-45mph. I pulled over and looked around the car. I had a warning on the dash that says service stabilitrack and an CEL P0101 for a faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor. I replaced the MAF and everything was fine for less than a day or so.

Now, the car dies any time I hit the gas pedal for anything. It will start and warm up and idle fine, but pressing the gas pedal, even a little bit makes it bog down and die. It doesnt even have to be in gear. It will do it from park. But if I hit the gas to rev, the car bogs down and dies. I thought it might be a faulty Throttle position sensor, so I purchased an entirely new throttle body and sensor unit and installed it all, but its still doing the same thing. No new engine codes are being given.

This is my daily driver and I need it to be able to get back and forth to work.

Maybe fuel pump? or clogged fuel filter? I honestly have no clue, but Im $300 bucks in at this point and have a vehicle I cant drive.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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