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I am hoping that someone can tell me what part(s) need to be replaced to correct this issue. After washing my car the power windows no longer worked. Prior to that, they all worked fine.

The symptoms are as follows:
None of the power windows move up or down using either: the master control box located between the driver and passenger seats, or using the controls on the two rear doors.

These following symptoms existed some time before the windows stopped working:
The power side view mirrors works fully on the passenger side, on the driver's side it only moves up and done.

Power locks:
Using the control on the driver's door everything works except the rear driver's side door ( no action at all) Using the fob - only the two passenger side locks work.

I am only interested in fixing the power windows. I included the other symptoms as information only in hopes it may point someone in the right direction.


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More than likely you have moisture in one or more of the door boots. I had the same issue on BOTH front doors. There was so much water in there it ran out when I unplugged the harness. All the pins were green and corroded. I had to replace all the pins.

My symptoms were airbag light, no window controls, passenger doorlock in-op, driver's door speaker in-op. Replaced the worse of the pins and greased the snot out of it. So good so far.
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