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Programing key fob

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I just bought an '08 Outlook and one key fob does not work. I replaced the battery. Is there a way that I can program the key fob myself or do I have to take it to the dealer?
Also as a side note, has anyone seen a car with two sun roofs. The back one does not open and has a curtain that covers the opening with an electric slide devica. Real neat but I have never seen one.
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I just relearned 2 remotes on my 2010 Traverse.

I used method 2.
My manual says 15 seconds... but in reality all it took was about 5 seconds or se before I heard a beep beep chime.

One battery in one fob was not working. (there was some sticky stuff on the battery contacts) and the fob had not worked in a while-- I put a new battery in and the remote still wouldnt work- when I relearned the FOB it worked.
So I suggest you try a new battery in at least one.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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