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Question about the outlook pictured on the top of this forum page.

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I noticed that the picture of the outlook on the top of this page has a silver piece of trim which is below the front fascia, and above the black upainted part of the lower bumper. Can anyone tell me what it is called or where I could get something similar to it? It really gives the front of the outlook a nice look IMO. I would be interested in seeing how much it would cost to purchase it, or something similar.

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I don't know for sure, but I put some chrome tape on parts of my Outlook when I had it. That's what this looks like to me. These pics are of members I believe. Measure the height of that area and go to your local auto parts store and buy the correct size of the chrome tape.
Thanks for your reply, but it looks as though it's not a piece of tape. It looks as though it's an actual small brush guard (cosmetic only), because it's a piece of plastic that attaches to your bumper. It looks like part of the plastic sticks beneath the silver part. I've searched all over online and can't find anything like this. It looks nice (not cheap), and I don't think tape would look nearly as good.
Your right I didnt look at that close but after further zoom in look it is an add on piece. I would pm the admin and see where he got the picture for the site. Maybe then you could track down the original owner.
It is the Outlook that was featured at the 2006 SEMA show, outfitted in the "outdoor adventur pkg", the bumper thing that you are looking at is a only one time thing that never went into production. I always liked it myself.
Thanks for the replys guys. It looks nice and I wish it was a piece you could buy. Too bad it's not standard or even an add on option, because it gives the front grill a much nicer look.
You know the more I look at it, that is the front end they put on the Acadia with the piece. They may not have gone forward with it on the Outlook so tha the two would look different.
My license plate holder would cover the middle of that chrome strip and void the nice 'look'. Maybe that was one of the reasons it wasn't put into production.
On the Acadias it is underneath the chrome strip, cant tell from the picture but there is plenty of room.
It would work out well for me since we live in NC and now we don't need front license plates. I might have to look at the acadia to see whay ou guys are talking about.
Here's someones pic from the Acadia site.


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