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Hi Folks,

Realize my recent experience may be old news here but I'm curious to know (I'm sure it's somewhere in the "phone book" that came with the car) if the radio and heater system would have eventually shut off.

I pulled my Saturn into the garage and I have the lock system set up so that the driver's door unlocks when the key is pulled. The radio shuts off when the driver's door is opened. As I walked around the car I realized the passenger front door window was down about 6 inches. I unlocked all the doors from the pass side and reached in from that side and inserted the key into the ignition, turned it to the run position and raised the pass door window. I had left the radio and heat system in the on position so doing this they were running. When I removed the key (I was on the pass side with pass door open), the radio continued to play. Got out of the car, closed the pass door and continued to watch the radio playing. Not wanting to stand there for who knows how long, I walked around to the driver's side, reached in, inserted the key, rotated it to the run position, then removed it, WALLLAH!, radio and accessories all off.

So, my question is: Does the radio and accessories have a timer, say 10 minutes or more where it automatically shuts off to save the battery? I know, read the manual...and I will. This just happened to me last night and it kinda' threw me.

Thanks in advance!


In God We Trust!
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The auto shut off is only when the drivers door is opened. Had you walked away using only the passenger door it would have shut off after 10 minutes.

Thanks for the quick response. I've been searching through the owner's manual this morning and found what you stated (10 minutes and then she shuts off) is on Page 2-22. It states:

"Retained Accessory Power (RAP)

These vehicle accessories can be used for up to 10 minutes after the ignition key is turned off:

* Audio System
* Power Windows
* Sunroof (if equipped)

Power to the windows and sunroof will work up to 10 minutes or until a door is opened.

For an additional 10 minutes of operation, close all the doors and turn the key to ON/RUN and then back to LOCKOFF.

All these features will work when the key is in the ON/RUN or ACC/ACCESSORY positions."

Pays to read, eh?

Thanks again for jumping in on this one.


In God We Trust!
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