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Rear climate control not working at all please help

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Good morning everyone. We just purchased a 2007 Outlook XR a few days ago. Everything seems great except for one small issue with the rear climate control.

I am not sure if I am just not turning it on correctly or if something else is going on. As I understand it I need to press the "AUX" button on the front panel which will make it just follow the settings from the driver? But that I can push buttons on the rear controller to fine tune from there?

My problem is that I get absolutely no response from the buttons on the rear. There is no display of any sort. If I press the "power" button on the rear conroller it will turn the radio controls on, and I am able to fiddle with that. Nothing I seem to do will bring up the fan or temp controls for the rear though.

At this point I am also getting nothing at all in the rear for airflow no matter what I seem to do.

If anyone can tell me first of all if there should always be an indicator showing for fan speed, temp, and vent position. Or is it normal for the display to show nothing when there is no air movement back there?

How are you supposed to normally have those indicators show up?

Is there a trick or setting that I am missing somewhere? The manual is not too helpfull. It just says to turn on the AUX button and watch the magic.

I look forward to your replys
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Did you try disconnecting the battery for a few hours?? I don't have your exact setup but i had some odd crap happen to mine like the olm wouldn't display and disconnecting the battery worked for me.
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