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Rear Tailight

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I had to have my driver side tailight replaced today, all the chrome trim was fading out. The light was turning all red looked horrible at least it was still under warranty. Has anybody else had this problem ???
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I had to have my tail light replaced due to a crack and water in it. My local #$%$# dealer wouldn't replace it stating it had to be rock not covered by warranty. The local Lou Fusz Chevy (Saturn auth dealer) wanted 25% more than the other GMC/Chevy Saturn authorized dealers for the tail light too ( I totally got revenge at the dealer's Chevy Welcome Saturn Owners Authorized service meet and greet party drilling them with the why do Lou Fusz GM dealerships always have more expensive on parts than the rest of the Saturn Authorized GM Dealer in St. Louis. It was fun to see them dance across the stage making excuses) ;D
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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