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As the title says, Rear wiper and washer not working

Switch on turn signal, push for wash, Nothing. Push to fist click nothing, Push to second click nothing

Relay passenger side compartment checked
Fuse 20a passenger side compartment checked

Lift gate ajar switch checked. no lift-gate open message on instrument panel. flip the button to open lift gate, it works..

Checked for corrosion, none found

Checked for Ground, zero Ohms on black wire at motor.

so now I am down to BCM, broken wire, or motor, and this is where I run into problems. I cannot seem to find a wiring diagram anywhere for a 5 wire motor. lots of 4 wire, but no 5 wire

I have the following

Key Off, Liftgate close.. Key on, liftgate close, wiper on second click.. Key on, Liftgate close, wiper on first click

Red / White 12.47v 12.14v 12.14
Black Grd grd grd
Green 0 0 0
Grey 150mv 150mv 150mv
White 60mv 12.14v 12.14v

Does anyone have a wiring diagram, or can tell me which wire would manually fire the motor so i tell if actually works. I have had it apart, no corrosion inside, rod arm turns freely and is not stuck ..

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