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Remote Start

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I have a 2008 Saturn Outlook XE with the package that includes the remote start and 120v power outlet. However, the remote start in my case hardly even works. You have to be almost within 20 feet of the vehicle for it to start. I had an aftermarket one put into my wifes Nissan Altima and hers is UNBELIEVABLE. She can be at work (hospital) in the lobby and hit the start button. It will start the car in the back parking garage (a good 1000 feet or so). Should my remote start work from further distances or is it just not a good system. Also, do you think it would be a good idea to have an aftermarket one put in to replace the existing one?

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I've noticed in order to have remote start engage I need to use the lock button of the remote twice, then press and hold (for like 4 seconds) the remote start (lock,lock, long press remote start) - in this case it works. If I try to start it without locking it right before that, it doesn't engage, no matter vehicle has been locked, or how far away am I.

Mines range isn't that bad (especially compared to my Passat, the Outlook has great remote range :)). If you can lock/unlock or use the panic function, remote start should work too from the same distance.

If all remote functions require you to be closer to the vehicle, you may have a bad battery in the keyfob, manual says with battery getting weak range of remote degrades.
I wouldn't get a 3rd party, just get the 2-way advanced Remote if you're looking for long range. My original remote works from about 100 yards unobstructed.
Check the manual. It is supposed to work that way. You have to hit the lock button right before you hit the remote start button... even if it had already been locked. That way it reduces the chances that you hit the remote start button accidently and start it. :thumb:
True - I found it in the manual :angel: and not necessary to hit lock twice - once is enough

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