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Anyone have a guide to removing this piece below? (#6 in the illustration, it's the piece that goes over the top of the steering column, and houses the DIC buttons)

I got my DIC buttons in, and I want to connect it up, and make an illustrated guide! I am going to try the battery reset route to see if it will pick up the new buttons. ...otherwise, it's off to the dealership when I pick up the remote start keyfob.


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Ran into a large snag - no connection in the factory DIC button location. The Acadia has it near the radio - so I am going to see if it is in there, tucked away. The problem with that is tearing apart the dash, just to get the radio bezel off. I need a good afternoon to tear into it.

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I followed your instructions and it worked great! Only minor change i did was to skip the DIC Pigtail. I just soldered the crimp pins on the wire ends and plugged them into the DIC switch. I had to open up the Instrument Panel connector a little to get the pins to line up with the holes better. Also did not unhook the battery nor pull the display fuse.
I stuck the DIC right in front of the OBD computer connector. It sort of looks like it belongs there.

Now i'm wondering if i can add the radio controls to the steering wheel...

Quote from: Skull_Leader on October 18, 2012, 03:19:54 AM
I know this is an old thread but I recently took on the challenge of putting the DIC buttons in my XE and thought I would share.
The short story is yes I added the DIC buttons and yes they work.

My vehicle: 08 XE, standard radio, tri zone climate, rear entertainment.

Like the rest of you without the buttons I pulled off my radio and prayed that it would be as simple as finding an extra connector stuffed in there but that wasn't the case. I have been lurking around the forums for a while and I have gathered tid bits of info from others who have added the buttons or tried to add the buttons so this wasn't just me on a whim. After finding the pinouts for the Instrument panel cluster and the DIC connecter, and getting the pigtail number from the acadia forum, I figured it was just a matter of running wires so I gave it a shot and it works.

These are the parts I used

DIC switch GM #15130171
DIC pigtail ACDelco #PT2128 (I got mine on ebay for ~$30, but other listing and parts websites have it for ~$65)
GM #88988747 (same part just GMs number)
22awg wire
3 female crimp pins .1" (I got mine from Frys in a pack of 10, just put #2875774 in the search box and it should come up, made by pactech)
heat shrink tubing
wire sleeve
soldering iron, solder

Pull off the dash and remove the gauge cluster. The only part I got hung up on was the trim piece that goes from the air vent over the steering column, the ends are held on by clips like the radio bezel but the center is just a tab sticking up. If you roll the piece forward it should loosen up and you can pull it down.

I disconnected my battery while playing with the wires just in case. You have to add 3 wires to the instrument panel connector in pins 6,7, and 19. I made wires with the crimp pins and heat shrinked them and just stuffed them into the back of the connector with a small screw driver.

Pinout for Instrument panel cluster (plug facing you, wires out the back and retainer clip up, pin 1 is top right)
Pin 6 DIC select menu switch Pink
Pin 7 DIC switch signal D-Green/White
Pin 19 Low Reference Brown

For the DIC connector the pinout (plug facing you, clip up, pin 1 on right)
Pin 1 DIC Switch signal D-Green/White (the pigtail has all white wires, the colors are what the factory harness would have)
Pin 2 Low Reference Brown
Pin 3 DIC Select menu switch Pink
Pin 4 LED dimming signal Purple/white
Pin 5 Ground Black

I connected all the wires at first with alligator clips, ran ground to a metal piece under the dash and left the LED alone for a test. I wasn't going to waste my time soldering everything if it didn't work. I reattached my battery and pulled the Display fuse from under the glove box, I left it out for a few minutes. Put the fuse back in turned the key and started pushing buttons. I now have Advanced DIC features in my XE.

I soldered up all the connections and heat shrinked them to make them look nice, I ran ground to a bolt that holds another connector to a beefy metal part in the dash on the left side (under the air vent) and I spliced in the LED dimming wire to the LED dimming wire on the headlight control (purple/white stripe). As of right now the switch is hanging under my dash until I figure out if I can order the trim piece in brushed (I doubt it) or if I'm going to cut it. The main thing is it works and I have fuel range, avg mpg, avg speed, tire pressure, a bunch settings: approach lights, chime volume, remote door lock, door lock delay and some others I can't remember.

I just pieced together information that others have posted to figure this out, mostly the 15 page thread on the acadia forum.
These pictures are from the Acadia forum from simadownow6988 who wanted to sell a kit for installing
but I don't think he's still around (last post 2010).

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I tried to remove mine ( I have the DIC) but stopped when I thought I might break the piece.

I would say the best way to see how to do this is to look at your new trim piece and see:

1. where the clips are that snap into the dash and use a trim tool to pop it off in those locations.

2. See if the trim piece has a lip that fits under the speedometer pod or anything else that would have to be removed first to allow the DIC trim to be removed and replaced. I dropped the steering column down and fit the trim tool behind the black cover trim piece and was able to move it, but stopped short of popping it off.

This retrofit is interesting to me since I was wondering how these cars (and any others) are prewired for factory options. Have you verified the DIC wiring is already there?

Also, how do you add Remote Start? What hardware is needed for that? It sounds like that is one of the projects too.

Keep us posted!
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