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Let me say this was a pain in the butt but saved me a thousand dollars.

Little backstory. After buying the truck 2 years ago at 105k i have had the timing chains done $1400. Than 4 months later the engine seized. $6200. Than the cats / o2s went bad. All stemming from the same problem, the previous owner needs to die.

Anywho... after 4 codes p0430 and p0420 on both banks i was told that a couple 02 sensors were bad based on voltage and both cats were dead and clogged. Dealer quote was $1600.

I found the cats on for $200 each. Not bad. Eastern i think with OE mountings. Each fit fine, though the bolts that came with were 1/4" shorter than I'd like.

I paid $20 for the haynes online manual...complete waste as the section read "generic directions". Biggest thing is have the o2 sensor tool which is borrowable from o'reillys. Also the heat shields need to come off..

The front is pretty straight forward, only took 35-40 min.

The rear is where the fun begins. First do some light stretching...being left handed is a plus. The only place to access the cat is from underneath so you need to have some jackstands or ramps...its also halfway down the car.. the rear cat is tucked up and forward over the steering rack and trackbar. I was only able to get one arm up there at a time and was practically working blind as you cant have an arm up there and see at the same time. I truly feel it may have been impossible if i didnt just have the engine replaced as the bolts werent corroded 5 years only 5 months.. the rear cat has 2 forward and one rearward bolt where the front has all 3 forward.. the rear took me 3 hours with a few muscle rest breaks. A deep 15mm is a must but the 2 forward facers could only be done with a wrench...a ratcheting wrench would have been nice.

To get a feel cut both sides off a shoe box and stick your arm through and turn some screws. It sucked.

O2 sensor tool
10mm socket
13mm socket and wrench
15mm deep socket and wrench

Liquid wrench.

Breaker bar and my 22mm wrench for leverage.
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