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I have the 09 XR with standard audio package and just replaced all the speakers this weekend, added an amp, AND added an Isimple ipod adapter so I was all over the car. Replacing the speakers is a fairly easy job, maybe 1 hour per speaker if you take your time. Most of the work is removing trim pieces which pop off so you need a trim removal tool to do this without scratching anything inside.
To answer the above questions
-none of the cars at the dealer with bose had dash speakers, except for a center channel on the DVD option. this is not pre-wired with the standard audio package of the 09
- the 3rd row speakers now have a full cover (no grille) and no wiring for the speakers
- the sub location has no grille and no wiring (although most posts indicate the center sub is too weak anyway to warrant installation.

There is room in the dash to add speakers, but you would need to cut the trip piece and add visible grilles.
I went with alpine 6.5 components for the front, infinity reference for the rear, alpine 4 channel amp.
VERY happy. Sounds better and much louder than the factory bose at less than 1/2 the cost.
also, the Isimple system works great for the ipod (controls via radio and wheel). small amount of "charging" noise when the ipod is silent, but this is far less than what it was when I had the ipod connected to the aux input.
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