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Hi All, New to the forum and excited to get going on my 08 outlook XE.

I purchased it from an auction and it got hit on the passenger side doors. It did damage to the doors only, it did not bend the post or anything like that, but it hit hard enough to make both the driver side and passenger side roof airbags go off. Those were the only airbags that went off and the driver side of the car is in perfect condition. I have a mechanic friend that is ordering both of the airbags and is going to install them for me.

My question is, is that the only thing that i need to replace before i have them hook up to the computer and clear the crash codes, or is there a side impact sensor or anything else that i need to have inspected or replaced along with the airbags to get the airbag light to go off. Also the driver side seat belt is locked up and will need to be replaced as well. I basically need to know everything that i have to do to get the "service airbag" message and the red airbag indicator light to go off.

To pass inspection the airbag light has to function properly, otherwise it wont pass and I have to wait another 3 weeks to get in and have them inspect it again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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