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HELP !! I managed to find a pair of roof rack crossbars thru a friend from an 07 Acadia to put on my 08 Outlook. I called the dealer to make sure that they were the same part for both vehicles and that the years didn't have a part change in there as well. Everything checks out fine and they SHOULD work. I don't have the instructions and I wasn't able to get em on last night. I see that the 2 bars are different lengths, looking on the Acadia forum, it seems that are supposed to be. Are the bars supposed to be totally assembled and just slid into place ? Which bar goes in front ? I can't get the longer bar to slide in at all. It is wider than the rails .........does anyone have any advice or a copy of the instrucions to give me some insight ? I am assuming that the bars need to be totally assembled to the end caps and just slid in the track on the rails.......? I need to get these things on by Sun for a trip down South...... Thanks in advance for any help !!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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