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Well I've been wanting to install a nice touchscreen DVD system for a while. Personally I would have rather installed a nice Pioneer unit but being that my XR came with the upgraded sound system with rear entertainment made it not worth the trouble swapping it out for that and losing some OEM features I have now. This was the only thing I DIDN'T want in my XR when I bought it because I like the stuff the aftermarket crowd offers.

I knew Rosen had some issues before figuring out what their older line would work in. The GM 1010 takes care of that. As long as the vehicle DIDN'T come with OE NAV then this system will work. I opted for the rear back up camera too. Install was a breeze and so was set up.

Over all this system is a very nice drop in unit. The screen resolution is awesome. Most features work well however there are a few funky things this does that I don't care about. Nothing serious but just qwerky things such as when in reverse, it shuts off the front speaker sounds. Sometimes after making a phone call the screen doesn't catch up to the info when playing XM until you change a station. Reading a SD card can only be done if you don't have a CD or DVD in the slot. I also don't like that phone contacts or caller ID info doesn't show up on the screen. They also didn't do anything with the complaints they had on the previous designs dealing with XM display. They only offer a small amount of digits to be displayed so when you have a long song title or name it cuts it off. Sort of a waste when you have such a big screen.

I had spoken to ROSEN tech a few different times about some of these issues. They stated that since this car isn't in production anymore they won't spend anymore time on it. I told them that this is indeed still in production under it's sister lines but that didn't I guess register with him. I would have to assume most of these qwerky problems will be present in an Acadia or Traverse no matter what he was talking about. Then again I sold one to a customer for his 2012 Silverado and he hasn't complained of any issues such as what I have. Then again, I use my electronics pretty hard too. ::)

Overall this radio is probably the best ticket if you have a vehicle with the OE DVD and/or XM setup. If you don't have the factory upgraded sound system I feel you could get a little better or nicer user friendly items than what the Rosen piece offers.
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