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So the ole girl has been good for a while, 108k 97 XR. But I have noticed a rough idle, the tach will just not settle and although not big jumps its just annoying, this has been going on for a little while and doesnt seem to have made any difference until today, come to a red light slow and stop all of a sudden engines seems to be gasping, juddering gently and the ABS and check engine lights come on. I put in neutral and give the engine a rev and it reacts, and as the light changes and I begin accelerating gently the lights all go off.
I did have a vacuum leak repaired about six months ago, plugs replaced at 100k and all fluids replaced at 100k, maybe it returned or is it something more sinister. Now CEL currently and local auto place couldnt find any.

Secondly, have been putting on some miles recently and the tranny has been a little more jerky and struggling to find the right gear recently, I still have all gears and reverse but could this be the 3-5 WP problem beginning. I'm also afraid to take it to the dealer because of what they may tell me is wrong. Love this car but hate the unpredictable ownership.......
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