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Saturn Outlook 2009 dome light button

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I just bought a 2009 Outlook XE. The dealer or the factory disabled the dome light to turn on automatically when the any of the doors open. I read the manual over and over again without understanding that the dome suppression button was located on the upper part of the back panel of the dimmer nob.

Here's a picture of the button coloured in blue.

The dealer said this question keeps coming back over and over.

Hope this post will help someone.
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We just bought a sweet 2008 Outlook XR two days ago and were trying to figure the lack of dome lights out as we entered and exited the car. Ours has no wording on the dome light option button as the 2009 model does. A drawing with a half circle and light rays coming out along with the slash through it is all it has. Frankly we did not realize that was an actual button.

Having a child just over a year old, the option of dome on or off when doors open is great.

Given all the features on the dash, it's not as "user friendly" as perhaps GM intended it to be.

Thanks so much to this original poster who helped me to understand it really is a button. The wording on yours indicates GM realized a picture only label was confusing.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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