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mohrrods said:
I have a 2009 Outlook that has a problem with the radio on shutdown. About 50% of the time the radio will not shut off when exiting the vehicle. Engine off, key in hand, drivers door open. The only way to shut down the radio is to manually shut it off. The only time it works flawlessly is when I took it to the dealer to get it fixed !! They couldn't get it to stay on and said they couldn't fix it if it didn't malfunction ! I would think there is a control module or a relay that is working intermittently. Anyone have any input ??
Hello mohrrods,

Sincere apologies to hear of your 2009 Saturn Outlook's radio shutdown failure. I definitely understand the displeasure this must create. Have you considered taking your vehicle in for an official diagnosis of this concern? Feel free to message us for additional assistance.

William R. (assisting Kelly & Jessica)
GM Customer Care
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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