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Service traction control, Stabiltrack, "turn off A/C, engine too hot"

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I have a 2008 Saturn Outlook with 40k miles. I live in Texas where the heat has been unbearable this summer. A few days ago, it was 108 degrees and I left my car running with the A/C on for about 5 minutes while I put some groceries in my house. When I tried to leave again, the traction control message came on and my a/c light was blinking. I turned off the a/c for a few minutes and everything seemed OK. 10 mins later I was stopped at the ball fields while my son was climbing in the car. (no more than a 2 minute process). The car lost power, the traction control light came on, as did the stabiltrack and the "change oil now" message. I am at least 2k miles from needing an oil change. Today while driving on the highway, I started to lose power and "Turn off A/C, Engine too hot" message came on. What is up?! I have read about the camshaft issues, but no one seemed to mention about the car nearly over-heating. Any thoughts??
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like they said- oil being a lubricant- also serves to carry away heat.
But your coolant is the primary source for cooling the engine.
If you have lost coolant- then the oil becomes the primary coolant. Aside from being the lubricant.
WHen the engine computer realizes its overheating- it also begins to start subtracting alot more from the Oils life.
As with many others who had had engine overheats due to failed pump- the change engine oil message apears.
like he said....
water pump leaking slowly is suspect here.

Theres was a member on here recently who had a slow leak. not really visible.
had it tested- it was fine. (pressure test I think).
few days later- the water pump went totally.

you will have to look really close at this area for tell tale signs of coolant leaking...

youll have to look at this area very very good.
the upper pulley is attached to the water pump.

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