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I have had an ongoing problem with my 08 Outlook. I am constantly getting a service traction control/service stabilitrak message. I have had my vehicle to the local GM dealer several times most recently on Friday 3/22/13 at which time they installed part # 25840309:module kit (04720-CT)The invoice also says R&R EBCM programmed. Fortunately the cost of the work was covered by the warranty. However, the very next day when I started the vehicle....I got the very same message!! Now the dealer wants me to bring the vehicle back again when the message is flashing so the can check the code which is what I just did before the last repair. The last invoice also mentions DOC # 1865665, internal open circuit in EBCM which means nothing to me. Would appreciate any feedback from other 08 Outlook owners who have had this problem
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