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Have researched this subject, but can't find much about it on the forum.

Have always liked the arrows in the mirror glass of the side mirrors on other GM vehicles.

Does anyone know if somebody makes these for the Outlook?

I see the "kits" on the web, but from what I see of our side mirrors, the black backing is very solid and does not seem to have any flex to it so you can remove the backing from the mirror to insert the arrows into the mirrors.

I don't trust anything on the outside of the mirror with double-stick tape.

Was thinking about inserting a 3/4" Red LED in the frame that holds the mirror housing. I think that might have some possibilities?

Any ideas would be helpful.

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This company says there is a good chance they can custom make a pair for your Saturn Outlook. They claim the price would be similar to kits already available for other makes. I think it is in the $250.00-$300.00 range.

I know one of the owner's on the Ford Edge forum I read made his own pair using their mirrors. He also went with the heated and BLIS options along with the turn signal arrow. His cost was $350.00, but I think that is because of the added items other than the arrow.
Hi ls973800,

I like what the guy did on the fordedgeforum did. Very nice.

I sent an email to muthco.

Hope to hear from them soon.

Will let you know what they have to say.

Thank you VERY MUCH for the information.

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Hope it works out for you and would love to see some pictures if you do it.
Well, I heard back from Muthco today via email.

They said they could do it, but I would lose the "auto dim" on the new mirror.

They didn't give me a price, but I didn't ask yet either.

Plan on giving them a call tomorrow.

Anybody else got any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it.

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OK, got a quote from Denise @ Muth:

"The mirror glass replacement (the housing is NOT included) is $189.00 for the unheated, and $199.00 for the heated."

HOWEVER, Denise also said:

"Yes, we can manufacturer a kit for your Outlook. You will lose the “auto dim” feature BUT gain the Signal®."

What do you think?

Am going to pursue this issue with Denise to see if there is any way to KEEP the "auto dim".

Please let me know if anybody, other than me, giving serious thought to purchasing this kind of upgrade?

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Sadly, I don't have the auto dim, but at $199 I would entertain that. I wonder what the installation would entail.
Here is the latest from Muthco:

"We do not have access to the “auto dim” feature. That is an original equipment accessory only. But we can produce the kit in blue glass which is a reduce glare glass. A lot of higher end vehicles use blue glass. The cost would be an additional $30.00 for both mirrors."

Don't know anything (yet) about "blue glass".

Anybody have any experience or knowledge about "blue glass"?

Thinking about getting a piece of it to see how it reacts to daylight and sunlight.

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