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Hey there,

We took our new 2008 XR AWD to Mammoth twice already, the second time being in the blizzard over Super Bowl weekend. We needed to be escorted the last ~15 miles into Mammoth in the dark, and the first ~25 miles out in the afternoon due to the weather, so you know it was a pretty good test.

Anyway, the Outlook was great! The fog lights are magic in a blizzard at night, and the car tracked at least as well as our Audi A6 AWD wagon, which is a lot smaller. A couple times you could feel a very brief sideslip while going over black ice, but then the car tracked right back on the road. Even in snowpack, the traction and brakes were great, though you need to remember what you're driving on and drive accordingly.

It was trips like this that were the reason we got the AWD, and we're very glad we did. We also saw a number of other new lambdas up there, and everyone we talked to was VERY happy with their performance in the snow.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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